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Bluebird Voice Overs:  bringing voice to narration, TV & radio, video, animation,   and audio branding 

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          Welcome to             Bluebird Voice Overs!      I'm Colin Watts, and I've been recording voice overs for over 30 years. I have many world class clients and record daily all types of voice work!

Gary Terzza
Voice Over Mentor at

“Colin has an everyman voice over style that many actors emulate, but few pull off convincingly. No airs, no graces, just a natural vocal delivery. what you hear is what you get"

Hugh Edwards

Director, Gravy For The Brain


" have good projection and your voice is nice and warm......well performed with good differentiation between characters......very good, projected with good dictation at speed........"

Mick Foster

Station Manager Diverse FM


“Colin has always provided a first rate service to Diverse FM for voice over and radio programming" (August 2015) 

Jon Matthews 

Studio Manager, PPX Studio 


“Colin has provided us with some quality narration and audiobook material for new, demanding clients. His attention to detail........ has been the key"

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